About TACare

TACare Services (Asia) Pte Ltd was established in year 2010, providing various services that can cater from small business to Enterprise throughout Asia worldwide.

We are a one stop IT service company that provides diversified services to cater corporate organizations based on their IT needs. Our elite IT Professionals strive to achieve your business needs in all IT aspects.

We offer full range of hosting services and solutions which include web/email hosting, co-location services, anti-spam security and IT maintenance services from desktop to network levels.

We understand that due to today's economy changes, business are prone to change their requirements in maintaining their IT infrastructure.

We embraced our culture with two intangible values which is integrity & honesty which we treasure most in our business dealings. We believe they will bring us far not just in business but also in our relationship and friendship with our clients. With two values in place, you can be assured that the service provided is consistent and it comes from our hearts as we are genuinely glad to assist you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cloud and hosting solutions to our esteemed customers, capacitate them with the ability to manage and leverage the services for their business.

Our Vision

T ake care of customers

A cross different boundaries in terms of

C loud and hosting solution

A nd providing unlimited support

R ound the clock for

E ase of computing